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Overview and principles

Collaboration is not a new concept.  Although the principle of embedding it into the fabric of an organisation has largely only emerged in the past few years.

The Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) have been the driving force behind this.  They initially created the Collaborative Capability Pathway to support the collaboration process – beginning with Strategic vision, and then focussing on the Organisation, and its People, Systems and Competencies, to realise value.  This later evolved into the CRAFT methodology, before gaining BSI status in 2010 as BS 11000.  On the 1st March 2017, it was formally launched as international standard ISO 44001.

ISO 44001 is a standard designed to help you get the most from working collaboratively with your business partners. It provides a structure for identifying collaborative relationships which will unlock strategic value to your organisation and your clients. Enabling you to work as one entity to deliver projects on time, on budget and to the specified quality!

GAP Analysis

The first step to understanding your collaborative position is to assess where you are today in relation to what is expected from a formal accreditation like ISO 44001.  Even if you do not want to go through the formal process of accreditation, assessing against the standard will give you a very good understanding of areas to focus on in order to improve your collaborative readiness!

We perform a full assessment of your organisation and produce a written report highlighting where you are in relation to every aspect of the standard.  This gives you a very thorough document which can be used to plan and resource improvement activities in accordance with your timelines.

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ICW Membership

ICW offer a number of membership schemes, from free membership to fellowship.  The benefits of each type, and application for membership, can be found on the ICW website by clicking here


Having an expert on hand to advise and support you on gaining the most from your collaboration is invaluable.  Good advice reduces the risk of making costly mistakes and the build-up of frustrations between collaborative parties.  It significantly increases your chance of success and also saves time by increasing the speed at which you successfully achieve your goals, so delivering the benefits of collaboration much earlier!

Whether you are looking for:

Advice – How can collaboration be used by your business to achieve competitive advantage
Support – To implement the principles of collaboration within your business
Facilitation – To resolve difficulties being experienced in a current collaborative relationship

We can help!

We are one of only three people in Wales certified by the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) to deliver their training courses and as an associate for ICW we have access to the best knowledge, skills and expertise in the world, so we are well placed to give your organisation the support it needs!

We can also support you by offering:

GAP analysis
ICW Membership


“383 Solutions are an important part of the core team at ICW.”
– David Hawkins– Operations Director & Thought Architect – Institute for Collaborative Working


As associates of the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW), we provide you with the full support you need to get the most out of collaborative working. This includes delivering a full range of training courses, applying the principles of collaboration within your business and gaining ISO 44001 accreditation.

We offer standard and custom built courses which can be delivered at any venue to suit your requirements.  Below is a list of standard courses currently being offered by ICW at Warwick University Conference Centre.  Please note, we can run any of these course at a date and location of your choosing.  If you would like to know more, please get in touch.