Annual accounts


Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, having accurate accounts which provide a true and fair reflection of your business is essential.  With so many accounting rules and standards it can be difficult to ensure you are meeting your reporting requirements for:

  • Producing profit & loss accounts, balance sheets and cash flow statements
    Importantly these provide you as a business owner or director with important information  fro the effective running of the company, even if you are not required to submit them to Companies House!
  • Submitting accurate information on time
    There are strict timelines for sending information to Companies House with penalties for late submissions


We provide all the services you need to produce accurate and timely accounts for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.  We use this information to highlight strengths and potential weaknesses in your business, so giving you the opportunity to reduce costs or improve profits.


We ensure your accounts are:

  • Produced and filed on time
  • Accurate and prepared to appropriate reporting requirements
  • Able to provide you with an insight into your business and drive good decision making