Are you ready for collaboration?


Whenever people work together there is an opportunity for true collaboration to take place.   The challenge is to ensure all participants in the collaboration have the same values, beliefs, aims and objectives.  This requires a different, much more trusting approach to business.  This is where the benefits of ISO 44001 really come to the fore!  It provides a structured approach to ensure the collaborative relationship has the right systems, people, accountabilities and objectives in place to generate significant value for the customer, as well as each of the parties within the collaboration.

Like any journey, true collaboration begins with knowing your starting point and your end destination.  We perform a full collaborative audit of your organisation and assess it against each and every clause of ISO 44001, providing you with a full written report of our findings.   The main types of collaboration include:

  • Internal Collaboration
    Helping internal departments work together more effectively so as to streamline the business and reduce costs
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
    Working with suppliers and customers to identify where value can be created for the benefit of all parties.  This moves an organisation from competing in its own right to competing as an entire supply chain!
  • Project / Consortium Collaboration
    You may want to form a JV or consortium to compete for a specific tender.  The principles of collaboration significantly improve the effectiveness of this relationship…especially during the difficult times!



We visit your site and undertake a comprehensive assessment of your organisations collaborative capability.  We measure the evidence and behaviours within your organisation against every aspect of the ISO 44001 standard.  We document our findings and provide you with a full written report, this includes recommendations for closing any gaps we have identified.  This report is a very thorough document which can be used to plan and resource improvement activities in accordance with your timelines.


On completion of the GAP Analysis you will have a clear understanding of:

  • Timelines involved in achieving your objectives
  • Resource required to overcome any gaps 
  • Costs associated with improving your collaborative readiness