Business health check?


It is sometimes difficult to know if our business is as healthy as it should be but our business health check can help.  If it were a car we could take it to a garage for a service or MOT, but with business we cannot do that, right?  Well not exactly…there are many signs a healthy business will display, just as it will if there any weaknesses or areas which need improvement.  If these areas are not addresses then it could result in the demise of the business.  As with our health, the sooner we see these sign the easier it is to address them and make a full recovery.


We perform a full assessment of your business, in much the same way a mechanic does on a car or a doctor would on us.  We identify what is working well and highlight any areas you may want to improve.  The details are provided in a full written report, along with a presentation of our findings, so you have the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand what have we have identified.


A comprehensive report and presentation which provides you with a means of ensuring your business goes from strength to strength.  This includes:

  • External confirmation of what is working well
  • Highlighting areas which need improvement
  • Recognition of potential consequences if issues are not addressed
  • Recommendations of ways to address the issues highlighted