Learning to collaborate?

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Although the term learning to collaborate is used frequently, it is very rarely practiced in the true sense of the word.  When used correctly each collaborative party has shared risk and rewards, common trust and mutual understanding, shared objectives.

Adopting this new way of working requires new skills, techniques and beliefs.  Finding the right training provider to deliver the appropriate course can be a challenge.


The Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) are the worlds leading body on collaboration.  They are the thought architects behind the international collaboration standard ISO 44001.  Part of their role is to disseminate collaborative knowledge through their training workshops.  These are held at various venue across the UK, but can also be delivered in house if needed.  Similarly, if a standard course is not sufficient to meet your needs, ICW will develop a tailor made course to meet your specific requirements.

As an associate for ICW we ware be happy to advice you more on this service.


After completing an ICW training course you will be able to:

  • Understand how true collaboration works
  • Build effective collaborations
  • Use collaboration to unlock strategic value for your customers
  • Resolve conflict between collaborative partners